What We Teach


In addition to our Statement of Faith, the following Redeemer Church Teaching Guidelines are provided to show the perspective from which all elders and teachers teach at Redeemer. Affirming the beliefs expressed in this statement is not necessary for membership but is intended to articulate the theological positions held by the elders.

We, as the elders and teachers of Redeemer Church of Abilene, agree to teach in accordance with, and not contrary to, the Redeemer Church Statement of Faith adopted by the church and present within its constitution. The teaching of the church is also reflected by our statement of Theological Distinctives, which explains seven key defining theological traits of Redeemer Church.

Additionally, as a way of protecting theological fidelity, we agree to teach from the perspective reflected in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. As a historically adopted confession, it provides in-depth explanation of crucial theological matters as well as connects us to our theological forefathers. Any area of controversy or discrepancy with regard to any of these documents will be decided by the elders of Redeemer Church.

Our church’s teaching falls within the tradition of the Reformation, and as such we acknowledge and believe “the five solas” that often summarize the teaching of the Reformation:

We believe that SCRIPTURE ALONE provides the foundation and knowledge of our salvation; that salvation was purchased by CHRIST ALONE, and applied to those who repent and believe in Christ by GRACE ALONE, through FAITH ALONE. We believe that salvation, and all of life, is worked out in us to the GLORY OF GOD ALONE, which is the chief end of mankind.