New Church Covenant

As many of you know at our last members meeting the Elders presented a new covenant to the church and recommend that we adopt it in place of our current church covenant. I have attached this new proposed covenant to this post. It is strongly recommended that you read through it carefully as we will be voting to replace our old covenant with this new one at our December members meeting. If the vote passes all members will be required to sign the new covenant, stating their affirmation of it, and it will be added into our constitution. With that said, you will find that the content is largely the same as that contained in the old. The primary reason for the change is to make the covenant more readable and more congregational rather than individually focused (e.g. replacing I’s with we’s). The original is a good covenant, but it was never designed to be read aloud. The Elders hope that with this new covenant a greater spirit of unity and joy would be had when we read aloud our commitments to one another.

If you have questions about any of this, please reach out to the Elders before our members meeting on December 15th.

Chase Shelton